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We found the best cleats so you don’t have to. 

The Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

As of now there are very few official shoe makers that design cleats solely for Ultimate Frisbee. So we Ultimate players must adapt by sometimes using shoes from other sports such as Soccer, Football, and Lacrosse.. or we can just stick with the companies that make cleats specific for Ultimate Frisbee, each has their advantages. 

Here is a chart of our personal recommendations for outdoor Ultimate Frisbee cleats. This chart contains 15 of the best Ultimate Frisbee cleats that range in colors, quality, and price. Our goal is to bring you affordable cleats that can withstand the wear and tear of Ultimate Frisbee. The quality of all the cleats below are greater than their price mark. Also, each cleat listed is allowed in official tournaments and teams everywhere.


What is the Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleat? Well, there’s three.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 12.32.14 AMThe Copa Mundial is a world famous soccer cleat that has been around for ages. Reason being, it does it’s job and then some. These are quite possibly the most durable cleats in existence. They are built with a special kangaroo leather and the highest end adhesives and threads to bring this cleat together. I have had a single pair for years that has lasted through hell and back, and after a good cleaning still look brand new. Traction is perfect and comfortability, due to the leather, is the best in the business. This cleat averages $100 bucks but I promise they will last at least 4 straight years of competitive college Ultimate and then some. Great cleat if you are primarily a handler. 


Universe Point has created one of the first Ultimate Frisbee specific cleats the market. They feature a special researched cleat pattern that was designed for our ultimate-specific movements. They have a toe spike to help not only with pivoting but also for quick acceleration. The best part? They are ULTRA comfortable, arguably the best comfortability on the cleat market. For a value of $84.99, these are the best Ultimate Frisbee cleats you can buy. See our full review, Universe Point Ultimate Cleat Review.



The Mercurial Victory is quite possibly Nike’s best cleat in production. This cleat weighs virtually nothing,you will be surprised when you first get the box thinking it is empty. In addition, the traction is among the best I have ever worn, even exceeding the Copa Mundials above. The plastic spikes surgically implant themselves into the ground with every step. If you want a cleat to vastly improve speed and cutting performance these are for you. Comfortability is great, and durability will last you at least 2 competitive seasons. Overall a fantastic cleat if you are receiver/cutter. 




What about the best Women’s cleat?

The best Ultimate Frisbee women’s cleat is definitely the Women’s Nike Mercurial Victory because of its tremendous performance. As stated in the review above, this cleat was so popular among the guys that they re-invented them in women’s sizes, smart move Nike. The Mercurial is super lightweight and fits very comfortably. It doesn’t even feel like your wearing cleats with how light they are. Also, the studs are strategically designed for traction and speed which you will notice in your first step with them on. Countless women stand behind, and in, these cleats and will refuse to use anything else. Also, out of all the cleats in existence this one has the most color options and designs for both mens and women’s, with even more custom options available on Nike’s website. 

Click the picture or the link to find out all the information you need to know about the product. There is a key located at the bottom of the page. 

Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat

Adidas, Kangaroo Leather, Direct-
injected outsole, Most
comfortable cleat on the market,
High Quality, Legendary
Women's Mercurial Victory

Nike, Synthetic, Light weight
design, Die-cut Sockliner, TPU outsole, Light as a feather
UP Ultimate Frisbee Cleat

Universe Point, Synthetic microfiber leather, Best comfort in the game, Toe spike, multi-directional spike pattern4.9$$
11Questra FG Soccer Shoe

Adidas, Man-Made, Synthetic Leather, Vamp Stitching, comfortable4.4$$
Hypervenom Phelon II

Nike, Ten.O trophy Synthetic
Leather, Full-length
TPU plate
Evospeed 5 FG Soccer Cleat

Puma, Manmade sole, Synthetic,
SpeedCELL Tech, One-
piece TPU injected outsole
Nike Mercurial Victory

Nike, Synthetic Leather, Extremely
Comfortable, Contoured
sock-liner, Full-length
TPU outsole, Legendary
UA Banshee Lacrosse Cleats

Under Armour, Ultra support ankle, Lightweight, 4D Foam, Bladed cleat design4.5$$$

Adidas, AgION anti-microbial treated
lining, Synthetic, Manmade
King FG Soccer Cleat

Puma, Premium Leather, Lightweight
Pebax outsole, protected heel
Vapor Carbon Elite

Nike, Leather, Synthetic, Detachable Spikes, Lightweight feel, Breathable Mesh, Molded PU Foam Sockliner, Built for Speed4.8$$$$
NItro Lacrosse Cleats

Under Armor, Synthetic, Light-weight,
translucent TPU plate,
Best shoe for turf fields
Women's Matteo NUA Soccer Shoe

Adidas, Synthetic Leather, light
weight construction, asymmetrical lacing system
Adizero 5star
Adidas, Synthetic. The LIGHTEST
cleat in existence, Traxion
2.0 outsole, Sprintskin, High
Women's Universal Soccer Cleat

Puma, Real Leather, PU-injected
outsole, Manmade sole,
Best quality for price
DS Light Wide Soccer Cleat

Asics, Synthetic leather, Rubber Sole, Kangaroo Leather Vamp, Removable Sockliner, Detachable cleats, Arch Support4.4$$$$

What to look for in Ultimate Frisbee Cleats?

The main feature is traction. Cutting and juking is crucial in Ultimate and the cutter is only as good as his cleat. In my opinion, the rounded studs found on most soccer cleats offer the best traction for the multidirectional cutting of Ultimate. Although the flatter, blade-like studs excel in side-to-side cutting. Remember, metal spikes are not allowed in Ultimate.

The next is durability. I once found cheap cleats that had tons of traction but the shoe was not structurally capable of handling all the cuts of Ultimate. After just one season the sole plate disconnected from the shoe and I had to throw them out. Ultimate Frisbee is made up of all the running of soccer with the intense cutting of football. You need a cleat that can handle 70 minutes of cutting at a time for more than just one season. What I have discovered is if you splurge on a pricier cleat it will end up saving you money in the long run by significantly outlasting a cheaper model.

The same goes with comfort. With all the running we do in practice and games we deserve to be as comfortable as possible. Although those $15 clearance cleats at Dick’s Sporting Goods look appealing I assure you they are blisters waiting to happen. Unfortunately, the way cleats work is the more you spend on them the comfier they get. I recommend cleats around the $50-60 mark since they seem to minimize blisters and ankle pain while offering decent durability.

Overall, you want a cleat with traction, durability, and comfort for a reasonable price. The shoes listed in the chart above are the best cleats for Ultimate Frisbee that gave us exceeded expectations in quality. They were picked for you by Ultimate players so you can become the best player you can be.

The Best Cleat for Turf Fields?

Most cleats will do just fine on a turf field. But if you really want an edge take a look at the Under Armour Nitro Icon Lacrosse Cleats. The Nitro’s traction was created with turf fields in mind. The lightweight translucent TPU plate features skinnier studs than normal which perform significantly better on artificial surfaces. In terms of comfort, the cleat sports a molded 4D foam sole which reduces the slipping of your foot within the shoe. There is also a slightly raised ankle support on some models for increased comfort when cutting. The shoe performs awesome on non-turf fields as well. In other words, this is one bad-ass cleat. I highly recommend the Nitro III’s mid-cut or low-cut if you regularly play on turf.

The Best Cleat for Ankle Support?

If you have been playing Ultimate for a few years you probably know that our ankles are the first to go. Well, I hate to tell you that there is nothing to stop twisting that bad ankle. However, there are cleats that can help reduce the chance by adding additional ankle support. What you want to search for is Mid cut or High cut cleats. Typically Lacrosse and Football cleats offer this feature because Soccer cleats need full ankle mobility for ball control. There are a few cleats in particular worth mentioning that have helped players reduce ankle injuries.
Reebok Men’s Bulldodge Mid M2 III KFS Lacrosse Shoe

Under Armor Banshee Ripshot Lacrosse Cleats

Under Armour Men’s UA Nitro III Mid-Cut Molded Lacrosse Cleats

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Key for Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

Rating:  1 being the worst, and 5 being the best. The overall rating includes materials, amount of colors, quality, life expectancy, and price.

Material:  The main materials and features of each cleat

$    50 dollars or less
$$    50-70 dollars
$$$    70-90 dollars
$$$$    90-150 dollars
$$$$$    150 dollars or more