Gone Fishin

Gone Fishin’ – Only for players with 2 big floaters

Death fish

A comical Ultimate Frisbee play but it is often so unexpected it catches the opponent off guard. This play must be discussed before hand. Have the fastest player go to the left or right after receiving the pull. The rest of the team will go to the other side. Make 2 or 3 passes just to work up the field a little bit. The person with the disc will yell “Gone Fishing!” and the 5 players that went right plus the disc holder will fall down and start flopping like fish. The fast player who went left will point at the weird situation. The instant that the fast players mark looks away in disbelief he makes a run for the end zone. At that moment the player with the disc gets up quickly and launches the disc down field to the end zone. If done correctly the fast player should be wide open. Perfect for the last point of the game.


There are multiple variations of this play, this is just what my team has used. I have also seen the thrower yell out “Harlem shake!” or “seizure!” Anything that has a crazy motion to it. There is an awesome variation of this play on YouTube called “The Scarface” done by the Belmont Ultimate Club team. Watch it now!

The best part is that you can create your own variation of the play, raise it, and call it your own.

Learn some Sweet Throws to switch up this play a little it, or get up to date on some Ultimate Vocab by clicking these links.


DISCLAIMER: Little to no fish were harmed in the making of this play. Reminds me of a childhood story that I would love to share. When I was 7 my parents took me to the fair. I wanted to win a goldfish really bad so I played that dumb ping-pong-ball-in-jar game. I won, and the guy gave me a dead goldfish. He noticed this so he took it back and gave me another one, also dead. he repeated this process at least 6 times before we realized all 30 of his bagged goldfish were dead. The end.



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