Trick Frisbee Throws

Trick Frisbee Throws

Now that all real throws have been mentioned on the All Ultimate Frisbee Throws page, it’s time for some fun. Frisbee trick shots are great to impress your friends and all the ladies. I wouldn’t recommend using this in a real game. Although sometimes it is fun to finish off the last point with something crazy. (All throws will be explained as if you are right handed)



Airbrush or Mack

Airbrush mack ultimate trick frisbee throws

Similar to the kickpass, you throw/spin the disc so it hovers at head height for a second. You want the disc to be at a slight angle so the top of the disc is more visible. For the 1/2 second the disc is hovering hit the disc with your palm in the direction it is spinning. Doing this will give the disc more spin and forward momentum. You also want to hit it so it travels a little upward at a 20 degree angle. If you get really good at Airbrushing you can continuously Airbrush down the whole field without the disc stopping.   Note: You can’t use this in a game, once you release the disc you can’t touch it again. The Airbrush is solely for attracting attention and making other people jealous of your awesome moves.


Ultimate Frisbee Air Bounce trick frisbee throws

The air bounce differs from the Groundbounce because the dic is not deflecting off of a solid object. In my opinion this throw is extremely hard to do. If done right the disc will appear that it is going into the ground then shoot upwards off of nothing but air. This throw typically only works with a Backhand throw. To do this you hold the disc as if you were throwing upward at  20 degree angle. But  instead of throwing up, you throw it downward keeping that 20 degree angle. You should aim to try to make the disc land flat about 10 feet in front of you. If done right the disc should go down towards the ground then begin to escalate upwards before it touches. This throw requires a lot of power and can’t really be done short range.


Behind the Back Ultimate trick frisbee throws

Pretty much how it sounds. While standing straight bring your arm down and around your back to release the disc sort of like a backhand. This is for the generic/easy behind the back.

If you want to spice it up and REALLY impress the ladies you can do a behind-the-back throw as shown in the video to the right, shirt optional. You put an open palm in the cup of the disc and bring it around the back keeping the disc as parallel to the ground as possible. When your arm cannot go any further the disc will fly off of your thumb giving it spin and forward momentum.

Basketball ShotBasketball shot Ultimate Frisbee

Ever wanted to shoot a frisbee like a basketball? Well now you can with the infamous basketball shot. This move is pretty easy to do and travels surprisingly similar to a real ball. The disc should be flat with the cup of it facing down. With your right hand, put your pointer, index, and ring finger on the rim of the disc closest to your body. Your left hand will be holding the opposite side of the disc with the same 3 fingers. In a basketball-like motion bring the disc up. Release your furthest hand first, the disc should be angled so the front side is 45 degrees higher. Push your closest hand forward so the bottom of the disc goes under the top which will make the disc tumble in the air. The more tumble the further it will go.

Dad Backhand

Basically a backhand thrownHow to Dad backhand throw a frisbee on the right side of your body (if you’re a righty). You hold the disc like a backhand but it doesn’t cross your body to throw it. Instead, you will awkwardly twist your arm back and throw the disc at waist level. The term “Dad” is used because if you go out to throw with your father, he will most likely throw like this. This seemed to be the preferred throw back in the 80’s during a toss session. It is essentially useless in a game because a marker will defend it without even trying.

Destructo disc

Destructo Disc Ultimate Frisbee trick Throw

This throw is used as a jerk/comical move to finish off the game pretty frequently (in amateur frisbee at least). When you are about 5 steps from the opponents end zone face your back to your mark so you cant see where your throwing (act like you are going to dump it). Straighten out your hands and put four fingers on each side of the disc. Give the disc a spin by twisting your hands and throwing it backwards over your head. If done right the disc should stay level, fly right over your mark, and travel about 10 feet behind you to a waiting teammate.

Ground Bounce

How to ground bounce a frisbeeThis is a great way to impress your friends on a nice summer day. To ground bouncea frisbee you will basically do an I/O flick  and aim it at the ground. The hardest part is aiming a flick that is supposed to go upwards at the ground in front of you. You want to aim about 10-50 feet in front and the disc should hit the ground at a slight slant. If you do it right the disc will hit the ground and pop back up like nothing happened. Don’t question me on the physics because what happens here is nothing short of witchcraft. All I know is that it works and your friends will try it and fail making you look like a boss. This only work for outdoors by the way.

For indoors, the ground bounce is much easier. All you need to do is throw a backhand but aim it at the floor about 10 feet in front of you. The front of the disc should hit the ground first which make it bounce. If there is enough spin it will continue to travel like it never even hit the ground.


kick pass trick frisbee throw

Toss the disc up in the air in front of you with a lot of spin. The top of the disc should be facing you on a slight outward angle. When the disc falls to knee-height kick it with the top of your foot. Try to kick it in the direction it’s rotating to give it more spin and forward momentum. If done right, which is really hard to do, the disc should fly fairly straight for about 15 feet. I once met a kid that could kickpass almost half a field. One of my favorite trick frisbee throws of all time. This is pretty much the same idea as the Airbrush, but with your foot.

Pizza Throw

Ultimate Frisbee Pizza trick frisbee throws

Place an open hand into the cup of the disc to start the throw. Keep the disc level and bring it near your head as if you were holding a tray. Bend your knees slightly and in one steady motion spring your knees and extend your arm upwards. When extending your arm be sure to give the disc a little bit of a spin. If done right the disc will go up and down similar to the elevator pass. This a a super short range pass that could be used just to throw over the marker to a teammate behind them.

Spinny, Paintbrush, or Gunslinger

This Throw is super hard to explain. There is really no way to explain it in words. Here is a video that shows some fancy hand work and some cool spins you can do with the disc. Most of the video is just some cool frisbee gunslinging tricks that are great to know.  The throw at the end of the video is the actual “Paintbrush.”

<The Spinny, Paintbrush, or Gunslinger video>

Upside Down Backhand

Basically how it sounds. Just like your throwing a backhand, but the disc is upside down instead. Not exactly one of the fanciest trick frisbee throws but it exists, so I had to ad

The Bogo

Use two discs to do a lefty backhand and a righty flick at the same time, or visa versa. Both discs should be released at the same time and travel in the air fairly close to one another. Useless in a game because if you find yourself holding two discs, you‘re playing completely wrong.

Wall Ride

A link to a video of forehand wall rideIf you have a nice flat wall then you’re ready for some fun. Use a typical flick or backhand throw to start off. You want to position yourself so that when you release the disc it will almost immediately touch the wall (like at the corner of a brick building). Release the disc at a slight angle (O/I) and it will ride along the wall with ease. It is really cool to watch and is even better to make some sweet trick shot videos. The video to the left is a Forehand wall-ride. You can also see another video of the Backhand wall-ride version.

The Ninja or Seabiscuit

How to ninja or seabiscuit throw

This throw is pretty simple. It is the same motion as the famous backhand throw which is thrown with your thumb on top of the disc. The ninja is the same motion except you flip your hand around. Your thumb will be on the bottom and four fingers on top of the disc. The sea biscuit is meant to be thrown similar to a chicken-wing but on the opposite side of your body. The throw looks much cooler and ninja-like if you lunge forward to get lower to the ground. Notice that the throw in the picture looks like a backhand throw, because it basically is. Just flip your hand and fling the disc off your thumb as low to the ground as possible. The ninja is definitely a good throw to add to your arsenal of trick frisbee throws.

How to do a ninja frisbee throw slow motion

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