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The Best Ultimate Frisbee Apparel

After many years of playing I realized that the clothing I wear effects how I play. Don’t get me wrong, simple gym shorts and a T-shirt will do just fine but if you really want to play better, feel better, and look better then check out the top 15 hand-selected products below.  Each product has helped myself or a teammate is some way, whether it be improving flexibility, catching, or just plain making us look sexy while we play. All of the attire below is a mix of affordability and efficiency, In other words I tried to get you the best bang for your buck.

The chart below contains recommended Ultimate Frisbee apparel with descriptions of why each product can be useful in your Ultimate career. The pricing varies on size of the clothing so there is a key at the bottom to help. Enjoy!


Below are the 15 Best Ultimate Frisbee Apparel items we highly recommend in terms of affordability, quality, and comfort.

ProductCompanyPriceWhy it's awesome
Mint Ultimate$$Mint has possibly released the greatest invention Ultimate has seen in awhile. This is a SINGLE layer reversible jersey, which is great in many ways. 1) The most important rule of Ultimate we all have tatoo'd on our inner thigh "always bring a light and dark" is now in a convenient single article of clothing = more bag space. 2) This shirt is not thick whatsoever like it's two-layered competition, it's actually extremely breathable and thin. It doesn't even feel like you're wearing a shirt actually. 3) One would think that with one side being white and the other side dark red/blue that the color would bleed through the white side... Nope. Bone white. Both sides are sublimated so you will have rich colors the entire life of the jersey. 4) It is more than half the price of any competition (starting at $30) 5) The jersey fits very well thanks to it's mega-stretchy synthasilk material. If you don't have at least 12 of these jerseys in your bag then your not an Ultimate player.
UA Micro Super Flex 10" Shorts

Under Armour$$$If only they made Ultimate Frisbee shorts that were super flexible, breathable, comfortable, stylish, and sweat wicking. BOOM. It's already done. Under Armour did it right by taking spandex material and losening it up into wearable shorts. It literally feels like you are wearing no pants and make binding a thing of the past. They feel the best when combined with spandex briefs which are also listed on this page. After wearing these for years there is a tremendous difference when putting the mesh gym shorts on again. They come in 12 colors.
Mint Ultimate Gloves
Mint Ultimate$$$$Mint's Ultimate Frisbee gloves offer the perfect amount of traction in both wet and dry conditions. Even the wettest disc is no match for its superior leather palms. The best part is that these gloves aren't sticky so they do not affect throwing ability. Yet, somehow they still offer tremendous traction when catching. This is nothing short of witchcraft. They are beautifully made and fit comfortably. See Full Ultimate Glove Review
Scorekeeping Watch

ScoreBand$$$Now here's something useful. A digital watch that is lightweight, durable, and has four functions. This handy little watch is capable of keeping score. Which is better than trusting the sidelines with your phone if you decided to download the free app on the gear page. The watch also keeps score of Golf and tennis in case you get tired of Ultimate (which you won't). In addition to score keeping the watch does the unbelievable... It tells time. So it can be used outside of the field as a decorative time-telling wrist machine. It comes in 3 colors, 4 sizes, and sells for about $25.00.
Men's Ultimate Frisbee Spandex

Women's Ultimate Spandex

Champion$$Spandex doesn't only feel amazing but it also helps you play better. Spandex is extremely popular among sports for many reasons. For guys that reason is obvious, it keeps the tools from bouncing around the shed. It also improves flexibly compared to boxers and eliminates wedgies. Since girls usually wear short shorts, spandex provides security to help cover up some baggage and also adds some warmth and skin protection. But you should have been sold at the wedgie thing. I personally like them because they drastically reduce scrapes and cuts on my hips from bidding. EVERY sport player should wear spandex.
McDavid Compression Arm Sleeve - 6 Colors

McDavid$$These are otherwise known as "bidding sleeves." Ultimate players like to wear these on their throwing arm for two reasons: The sleeve absorbs sweat making it easier to throw and it resists scrapes, burns, and cuts on the elbow from bidding/falling. Players typically only wear one sleeve on the side of their body they usually bid on. This product is great for playing both indoors and outdoors. Also, it can help to reduce joint pain if you have bad elbows.
Nike Dri Fit ArmBands

Nike$I have always put a single sweat band on the wrist of my throwing arm. This is because, thanks to gravity, all my sweat would work its way down to my fingers ultimately effecting my throwing and catching. A simple sweat band takes care of the problem. In addition, you can also use the same band to wipe sweat from your eyes on those really hot days. They come in plenty of colors to help you match your jersey.
HeatGear® Compression Long Sleeve

Under Armour$$$Want stay warm on those cold fall/spring days? These shirts are light and thin, but amazingly warm. They also act as a windbreaker to protect your skin. The BEST part is, you can layout/bid without having to worry about skinned elbows and hips. Combine this with some Under Armour compression pants and you will be the warmest person on the field. These shirts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but my favorite is the long sleeve.
Beach Sand Socks

Vincere $$Ultimate Frisbee sand socks are the best for playing on a beach. It helps your feet resist blisters and hot sand. They offer the durability of a shoe with the comfort of a sock. This pair in particular is affordable and efficient. Perfect for casual playing. If your a more serious beach player, definitely try out These bad boys. They are a little pricier but they are the best you can get.
Ultimate Game Socks - All Colors

Joe's USA$Spice up how you look with some ultimate fashion. These socks are only $6 bucks and come in almost 20 colors. Match your jersey, your school colors, your shorts, your girlfriend, anything! Nothing is more intimidating than a matching player. Especially when the whole team does it. On cold days I always layer up two soccer socks for added warmth. They also make awesome sock puppets.
Professional Sports Bra

Nike$$Boob + Sports = Not a good time.

Tie those puppies up with Nike's super comfortable and breathable sports bra. It is made of seamless DRI-Fit fabric to reduce chafing. There are many sports bras out there but this one is the best and the most affordable. This model comes in 23 different colors to match any team color or outfit you can think of. They are also very comfortable to wear when being lazy around the house.
Adidas Tiro 13 Training Pants

Adidas$$$$These are by far the best warm-up pants on the market. They are breathable when it's hot and surprisingly warm when it's cold. They are tighter near the ankles for super comfortable running. Not to mention they are extremely stylish and can definitely be worn outside of Ultimate. They also have super tiny zippers on both pockets so you can confidently throw around with your school i.d. or phone. Those same zippers are on the ankles so you can take off/put on your pants with shoes on. These warm-up pants are the most popular among soccer players for a reason so let's bring them to the Ultimate world.
The Ultimate Scorzie

Scorzie$$This isn't exactly human apparel, it's more of a fashion statement for your beer can. It is how it sounds, a score-keeping koozie. It can be used for any backyard bbq games like Horseshoes, Kan Jam, and more importantly Ultimate Frisbee. This clever little koozie keeps your beer or drink frosty AND keeps score of the game. What more can you ask for? The koozie can keep score of up to 21 points for both home and away teams. It is crafted from "high-quality foam" and "durable stainless steal" which is a little bit of overkill in my opinion, but nonetheless it will protect your beer from heat, scratches, bullets, and some forms of wizardry.
Layout Ultimate Gloves
Layout Ultimate Glove 2
Layout Ultimate$$Super sticky gloves designed specifically for Ultimate. They stop the discs rotation instantly in all types of weather. They fit beautifully and are well-made. They are best gloves out there if you are a cutter or somebody that wants to drastically improve catching ability.
See Full Layout Ultimate Gloves Review
Unisex Ankle Support brace

Zensah$$If you have ever had an ankle injury, your ankles click, or you want to prevent a future injury I highly recommend these compression socks when playing. I once moderately sprained my ankle and couldn't put my entire weight on that foot. After putting this brace on the pain was gone and I was able to run again, it's amazing what a little compression can do. It fits comfortably when wearing cleats or shoes and it comes in 7 rad colors.
Tank Top Reversible Jersey shirt

Game Gear$This is a must-have item. It acts as a super breathable tank top which basically feels like your shirtless. It's great for practices because it keeps you cool, it's stylish, and you can easily flip the color every drill/scrimmage as needed. In my opinion, this pinnie is the best thing to wear to practices, I even wear it to class sometimes because it makes my muscles look niiiiice. I recommend your entire team get Ultimate Frisbee pinnies because it just makes life easier, they can even double as game jerseys if need be. There are seven different colors to choose from.
Superstar 3G Slides

Adidas$$$Wouldn’t it be nice to walk on clouds after a tough game or a long practice? These slides offer you just that. The FitFOAM ® footbed perfectly adapts to your foot shape for ultimate comfort and the adjustable single strap bandage gives a customizing fit. The adidas SS 3G slide comes in 4 colors that give the shoe a classic look and a sleek style. After a long day of ultimate your feet deserve a nice place to rest. It's the only socially acceptable way to wear pillows on your feet.
ProductCompanyPriceWhy it's awesome


What to wear to Ultimate Frisbee?

Spandex. Spandex is a wonderful product invented by a chemist in 1959, since then it has been used in sports for multiple purposes. If I had a choice I would wrap my entire body in it to play Ultimate Frisbee. Spandex is the best thing to keep you warm on those chilly days, especially because it’s tiny and light. The best reason to wear spandex to Ultimate Frisbee is because it acts as a protective layer reducing scrapes, burns and cuts from all those dirty bids and layouts you do. Throughout the years spandex has also become a fashion statement in the sports world. It is the miracle apparel granted to us by the Ultimate gods.


Braces. No, not the ones that go in your mouth. I’m talking about compression joint support. If you have ever had an injury to a joint like an elbow, knee, ankle, wrist, or anything I highly recommend wear a brace for that joint when you play. I twisted my ankle so bad in high school that it clicks regularly and it hurts when I run, plus I’ve moderately sprained it since then so it’s prone to happen again. When I put a compression ankle brace on everything goes away. The pain, the clicks, the discomfort. Everything. It feels brand new again so with that being said try out a brace if you have a similar problem. It’s only a few dollars and it can make a hell of a difference.


Traction. Sweat, rain, humidity, and morning dew are all guilty of effecting throwing and catching ability. A simple sweat band on your throwing wrist can stop arm sweat from flowing to your fingertips so you can stop flicking the frisbee into the ground. There are also a ton of brands of traction gloves to greatly improve grip of a wet disc. Personally I am not too fond of gloves since they negatively impact my throwing abilities. You can read my traction glove review below to see what I have done in the past with them.


Match It. Don’t go crazy, but matching socks and a shirt can make a player look a lot more intimidating. My team has neon green jerseys and with that I like to wear neon green sweat armbands and soccer socks with black shorts. I’m not gonna lie, I look like a total badass. I also like to practice in a tight Under Armour tank top, red shorts, and black mid-calf socks.  When I put these items on I feel better and in turn, I play better.




Prices for the chart:   

               $                    Less than $10
               $$                  $10-25
               $$$                 $25-50
               $$$$               $50+



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