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Ultimate Frisbee Cheers and Chants
Ultimate frisbee Chants and war cries

There is nothing that can get a team more pumped up than some awesome Ultimate Frisbee Cheers. Cheers are meant to bring a team closer and to invoke fear into the enemy. Chants & Cheers have become an extremely important part of Ultimate Frisbee for fun and to pump up your team. Below is a list of the best user-generated Ultimate chants and cheers from teams everywhere. Submit your own chant at the bottom to help us out!

Ultimate Frisbee tends to stray from the generic chants such as “Go Team!” Although that works just fine, we like to be more clever than that. As you will read below you will see just how crazy we can get. 


Click a chant or cheer below to see a drop-down of the chant. 

Funny Ultimate Frisbee Cheers

99 Frisbees

El Camino

Give Me A B

123 Four.

Huck, Bid, Pillage and Burn

Denial, Defense


The Longest Chant Ever

The Most Perverted Chant

Oy Oy Oy - An ancient Rugby Cheer I BELIEVE IN-TENT-CITY

After Game Respectful Cheers

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