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The Best of the Best Ultimate Frisbee Gear

Over the many years I have played Ultimate I have used tons of products. Some worked, and some didn’t. Below are personal reviews of products that have helped me. These hand-picked products are not a sales pitch in any way. This page is simply for you to gain from. Each link or image takes you directly to the items page to find out more info.


Here are 10 items I recommend to improve on your Ultimate career.

1) Discraft 175-Gram Ultimate Frisbee

Let’s start off with the essentials. You will need a frisbee. There are many different types of frisbee molds that companies sell. The two biggest ones, in my opinion, are Wham-o and Discraft. The main difference between these molds are the feel and the stiffness of the plastic. If you are looking to play Ultimate Frisbee you want to avoid Wham-o. The governing body of Ultimate decided that Discraft discs and Innova are the ones to be used in official tournaments everywhere. Which of course trickled down to colleges and pick-up leagues. The only problem is that stores like Walmart, Target, Dicks, or any other chain store only sell Wham-o’s because they are cheaper. I have yet to see a Discraft disc in a physical brick&mortar store. Below are official 175-gram Discraft Ultimate Sportsdiscs. They come in various colors and cool images, my favorite is the pink one below that is called “The Chameleon” because it turns dark purple in the sun. Click on the links or images to go straight to Amazon for more info. These are the best discs you can get and all of them below are official UPA approved tournament discs.

2) The best Cleats for Ultimate

3) The “Greatest” Bag

As Ultimate is getting increasingly popular their are multiple small companies forming. One of those companies just created the Ultimate Ultimate-Frisbee bag and tried funding it on kickstarter, fortunately for them they raised 900% more than their initial goal and this project came to life. This bag can fit up to two pairs of cleats and can carry two discs in specifically designed compartments. The cool part is this bag has multiple compartments like one for smelly cleats and clothes separated by an oder-control barrier for your clean clothes, brilliant. The Ultimate bag also has a built in cooler-compartment for drinks or ice packs. My favorite feature is the fact that it has a small compartment with a hard case for your phone so nothing rubs up against it, that just goes to show they thought of everything. 

View the HQ’s full in-depth review now!

Greatest Ultimate Frisbee Bag



4) Mint Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Please read our fully in-depth one-page review HERE

Let me first say that I have never been an advocate for Ultimate gloves. I have always found them too sticky, which is great for catching the disc but not so good when trying to release it. Being a handler and all this was a huge problem. However, our friends over at MintUltimate have forged a glove that is not sticky making that whole throwing thing we have to do a lot easier.

In addition, Min’t gloves are very comfortable, touchscreen enabled, and built with quality/flexible materials. I can tell there was a lot of thought put into the location of the seams to maximize durability. The thumb is even made up of an absorbent cloth specifically for wiping sweat. Not to mention they are a damn sexy piece of equipment to add to your collection. The question is why are you reading this sentence when you should be ordering some sick new Ultimate Gloves? The Gloves and a full in-depth review are available Here.

5) The Best Form of Energy

My friends and I call this god-mode for Ultimate. The Mint-Chocolate Clif Bars are an amazing source of energy. This type of Clif Bar contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, which naturally speeds up your metabolism. The difference is that Clif bars also contain a ton of protein and essential nutrients that your now sped-up-metabolism can feast on. This protein/caffeine combination causes a huge increase in energy levels. Plus, Clif Bars do not melt so they are perfect to sit in your car or Ultimate bag. Oh, and did I mention they taste incredible? I would chow down on one of these 30 minutes before an intense game and notice tremendous increases in energy and muscle endurance.

The other product listed we call “Handler Juice.” It is probably the best pre-workout drink for Ultimate because it’s basically the energy of the sun in powdered form.  I guarantee it will increase your energy two-fold and make you want to run forever. Cellucor C4 also has muscle builders like creatine and nitrate so you can jump higher and bid harder with every game.  There are a ton of flavors but the only one I’ve tried is pineapple, that’s because it tastes so good I refuse to try another flavor. DO NOT use these two products together, your heart might explode and you will probably die. Nobody likes dead people on the field. 

6) Super awesome Folding Tripod Stool of awesomeness

Whoever invented this, I think I love you. This nifty little product is a tiny stool that is easily carried and fits in most duffle bags. When unfolded it acts as a surprisingly comfortable place to sit. It may look a little weird to sit on at first but your crotch is meant to straddle one of the three nylon supports and your legs cover 2 of the 3 lower areas. It is about 17 inches high which is tall enough for a chair but short enough to transport. I have been sitting on the grass my whole life, which isn’t bad, but for only $20 the tripod stool is a nice luxury to invest in. There are a mother-load of benefits this chair has to offer.

  • It’s super portable and light; only 2 pounds
  • Keeps you off the morning dew or wet ground.
  • After subbing out I find it more relaxing, allows more blood flow than sitting on the ground.
  • More efficient and practical than its larger folding ancestors.
  • Makes all your friends jealous.
  • Ladies love it.
  • Can be used outside of Ultimate for events.
  • When folded, it doubles as a over-the-shoulder bazooka
  • My favorite of all the Ultimate Frisbee gear.
  • Here’s the link:    Texsport Folding Tripod Stool

7) Get an edge on indoor Ultimate

Ultimate is typically an outdoor sport but people do not realize how much we freaking love Ultimate. You think we are going to take the winter months off? Pshhh, no way. Many clubs and teams play indoor for a few months out of the year, especially school teams.

I am an outdoor-sports kinda guy so I used to just wear my running sneakers when playing indoor. Then after a few weeks of indoor practices and games my feet would literally bust out the sides of my shoe from all the cutting and juking I did. I would buy new sneakers and it would happen again, and again. Then after 2 years of playing I said to myself  “Gee, I wish there was some kind of indoor shoe that could handle the stress of cutting and jumping..” It was at that moment I realized BASKETBALL SHOES. They do almost the same movements as indoor Ultimate. After some research I found a not-too-expensive, quality pair that looked awesome.

I bought a sexy new pair of the Nike HyperDunk Basketball shoes. Let me tell you, this was the best investment I have ever made. The traction of these bad boys are amazing. It feels like I have the traction of cleats, but indoors. I also have terrible ankles from years of Ultimate and Soccer so the high ankle supports do wonders for me. They make cutting and running much more comfortable. The best part is, I got these shoes 2 years ago and have played a total of 10 months of intense indoor Ultimate in them. They still look new and have zero tears. I am 100% confident that they will last me at least two more seasons. There are a ton of Basketball shoes out there so it is up to you which one to buy. I am more than happy with this pair so check them out

View the chart of the Top 15 Best Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Shoes we recommend

The chart include ratings of mens and women’s indoor Ultimate shoes that have been selected by Ultimate players so you can become the best player you can be.

8) 12 Weeks to Game Time – Ultimate Fitness

So far this page has been dedicated to gear you wear on the outside of your body. So let’s focus on the gear you wear 24/7, your muscles. There is not a cleat, shirt, or supplement that will improve your game more than exercising the exact muscles that you need for jumping, running, etc.

Melissa Witmer of UltyResultsThe Ultimate Athlete Project, and The Ultimate Athlete Handbook has created a 12-week program designed specifically for Ultimate players. The program focuses on agility, strength, conditioning, training, and power development. 12 Weeks To Game Time includes numerous videos and tutorials to help you maximize each workouts.  The workouts are designed for both men and women and for players of all skill levels.

If you are truly serious about your in-game performance than definitely look into this product. With your purchase you even get a bonus four weeks of workouts (making it 16 weeks total) and downloadable training logs to keep track of your progress.  Basically, become the most athletic player on the field in just 12 weeks.

12 weeks to game time

9) Must-Have Ultimate Frisbee Apparel and Clothing

The 9th addition to the Ultimate Frisbee Gear page goes to clothing and apparel as a whole. There is not a single piece of apparel that is more important than the next so we have made an entire page dedicated to the best clothing in Ultimate Frisbee. The page contains recommended products to keep you warm, comfortable, flexible, and lookin’ good. We even wrote reviews on each particular product so you can see how they can benefit your career. You can click the link below to see the full clothing page.

Top 15 Best Ultimate Frisbee Attire

10) The best Ultimate Frisbee app – Ultimate Frisbee Playbook

As a captain of an Ultimate team I have three problems I have to deal with. One of them is everybody always asks me the score of the game which honestly, I never know. I have the worst memory with that. The next problem is trying to teach Ultimate plays to players on my team, especially new plays. The final problem is when some weird/crazy foul or occurrence happens in a game, everyone comes to me for an answer. I know 99% of the game but sometimes the rules get tricky. For years I have dealt with these problems with no hope for a solution.

BUT FINALLY! An app has been bestowed upon us from the frisbee gods. It is called the Ultimate Frisbee Playbook which is available now in the iTunes App Store.  The main feature is a scoreboard which is controlled by the tap of a finger. This is really nice since most teams and tournaments don’t have a scoreboard on deck and rely on people like me to remember every point. In addition to the scoreboard there is a timer in which you can set the hard cap for the game. Just the scoreboard alone is enough reason to download this app but there’s more! There is also a Playbook where I can drag and drop circles and then animate them to move accordingly. Another problem solved. Lastly, the entire 11th edition rules are located within the app. The makers even went to the extent to categorize each section of the huge rulebook (Timeouts, Fouls, Playing field, etc.).

This app has to be expensive, right? Nope! The most perfect Ultimate Frisbee app comes at the low price of FREE. There aren’t even ads! Whomever made this app, I thank you. I recommend every single person that plays Ultimate downloads the app right now, even if it means deleting Candy Crush to free up space. Definitely something you should add to your arsenal of Ultimate Frisbee Gear.

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