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Ultimate Frisbee Team Names & Ideas

So you made an Ultimate team didn’t you? And you want an awesome team name, right? Well your in luck! Below is a list of the most witty, clever, and funny Ultimate Frisbee team names ever, along with a few ideas to help make your own name. We have searched long and hard for the best team names for Ultimate Frisbee.We even have a Random Name Generator!

Most of the suggestions below are made up from the Ultimate Frisbee Dictionary. It is recommended you check that page to make some of your own original and unique team names, and be sure to submit them here!


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    All submissions are reviewed upon sending. Some names may be rejected for obvious reasons. Your team name will be posted within 24 hours.   

    Popular Ultimate Frisbee Team Names

    Air Traffic Control
    Backhanded Compliments
    Beer Pressure
    Beginner's Le Huck
    Boats & Ho Stacks
    Callahan Killers
    Chick Flix
    DISCgusting D's
    DISCpiciple Me
    DISCrete DISCriminators
    Disc Jockeys
    Disc in a box
    Disc-o Fever
    Double D's
    Dream Catchers
    Down To Flick (DTF)
    Dump Trucks
    Duck Hunt
    Erectile DISCfuction
    Masters of DISCguise
    Game of Throws
    High Life
    Huck, Huck, Goose
    The Huck Dynasty
    Huge Dumps
    Huck so Hard
    Huck Buddies
    Huck Norris
    Huck N Duck
    Hucking like rabbits
    Huck of The Irish
    Hucking Fooligans
    Frisbeats chicachicawhaaat
    FrisBEE's (for black/yellow)
    Fat Stacks
    Floppy Discs
    (The) Fat and the Furious
    Justdisc League
    No DiSCounts
    Red Skies (Blue Skies, Yellow Skies, etc)
    Mother Huckers
    Slam Dumps
    Slipped Discs
    Sunny D's
    Stacks on Deck
    The Mighty Hucks
    The Rubber Hucks
    Total Diskheads
    Turf Smurfs (for a blue team)
    *team color* DISCharge
    Raging Frisboners
    Risky Frizzness
    Viable Dumps
    Whiskey Disc
    We Swing Both Ways
    6 jerks and a squirt
    7 girls, one cup ;)



    Make your own Team Name

    Use a combination of popular adjectives and nouns below to help create a unique name that fits your Ultimate Frisbee team best. Or use the generator for more ideas. 

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    Now that you have a sick new team name, be sure your up-to-date on all the Ultimate Plays to really kill the competition. Or just impress them with some Super Fancy Throws.