Quick Bracket

Quick two-player Cup

Ultimate frisbee plays - 2 girls one cup

There are times when your team messes up a point opportunity in the end zone which results in the opposing team bringing the disc up to the end zone line. More often then not it is brought up to the corner where the end zone meets the side line. When this happens it is a great opportunity for a 2-player cup. Quickly call over a teammate to leave his mark. This will leave 1 opponent open. But thats okay if you cup the opponent stuck in the corner well enough. Force hard to the sideline and have your teammate stand 10 feet away trying to block any pass. This play isn’t 100% fool proof but most of the time they will be so trapped they make a bad pass, plus your team will be playing man-defense so there is really only 1 person open. If they happen to complete the pass simply break up and go back to guarding your man. This play is ONLY when they are in the corner.

In the diagram the red circle is the opponent in the corner of the end zone. The two X’s are the quick cup two teammates set up. Remember, the rest of the team is playing Man On Man defense.

This Ultimate frisbee play works best when your opponent is going against the wind. Plus if your opponent throws out of bounds and it never curves back in you can take it from where it went out.  Oh! and another thing.. Callahan’s are super rare in Ultimate, but I have seen more callahan’s happen with this play than any other. So if you wanna snag your first callahan I definitely recommend two girls, one cup.

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