TurboDisc – Juice up the game

Turbodisc ultimate frisbee play


Ahh the TurboDisc play. The best part about this play is that is is not actually a play, it is more of an add-on. Almost any offensive play can be TurboDisced which makes it harder for the defense to defend.


First off I’d like to mention that TurboDiscing is only for experienced players and will increase the chances of dropping the disc. Also, It will really exhaust your team. The good part is that it will exhaust the opposing team even more.


With that said lets get started on the cool stuff. TurboDisc is basically speeding up the play to the point where a players should have the disc no longer than two seconds. For example a player will catch the disc and try to throw it before their mark even has the footing to stall them. If their mark gets to stall 2 or 3 they will immediately dump it. There should always be a teammate open for a dump when TurboDiscing. The dump will receive the disc and immediately throw it to another player who will immediately throw it to another player and so on. For this to work everybody has to be constantly moving and trying to get open. Another side note is to only try to do short-medium range passes.


The key is to make it extremely hard for the defense to set up a play. This works best against the Cup. The problem with the cup is that it’s extremely tiring and with every pass made it takes a few seconds the properly set up the cup again. So the easiest way to break the cup is to TurboDisc. This will tire out the other team tremendously and they will begin to get lazy with it.


Even if the opposing team is playing Man, zone, or any other plays TurboDiscing will make it much more challenging to get that D.

Although, I would not recommend if you have any rookies or butterfingers on your team since a drop is very likely. It should take more than twice the passes to score a point, so twice the likelihood of a drop. This play also works really well in Indoors.



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